Moulds for Irrigation Parts
Inline Round Dripper Mould Inline Flat Dripper Mould Sprinkler Molds Pipe Fitting Molds Online Dripper Mould
Drip Irrigation Tape
Flat Drip Tape Flat Drip Tape Line Drip-embedded Drip Tape Line Labyrinth Drip Tape Line Bypass for Drip Tape Coupler for Drip Tape Tee for Drip Tape Cap End for Drip Tape
Drip Irrigation Pipe
Round Dripper Irrigation Pipe Round Drip Pipe Line Online Dripper and PE Pipe PE Pipe Extruding Line Bypass for Round Drip Pipe Coupler for Drip Irrigation Pipe Tee for Round Drip Pipe Cap End for Round Drip Pipe Elbow for Round Drip Pipe
Sprinkler Hose
Micro Spray Tape Micro Spray Tape Line PE Tape or Hose PE Tape Extrusion Lines Cross for Spray Tape Core Plug for Spray Tape Bypass for Spray Tape Coupler for Spray Tape Tee for Spray Tape
Revolving Sprinkler Reflection Sprinkler Cross Pulverization Sprinkler Field & Garden Sprinkler Z10 Sprinkler Mega Sprinkler
Filter & Fertilizer
Centrifugal Filter Disc Filter Sand Filter Screen Filter Sand and Screen Filter Venturi Fertilizer Injector Fertilization Tank
About us


Laiwu Winwing Plastics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation equipments, making, supplying and trading drip emitters, drip pipe, drip tape, drip fittings, sprinklers, micro spray tape, dripper moulds, flat drip tape lines, round drip pipe lines and spray tape machines. 

Laiwu Winwing Plastics Co., Ltd. lies in Laiwu City, Shandong Province of China, where dozens of irrigation companies have been born as forming an important force on micro irrigation market.  Laiwu Winwing has been born among such surrounding. For years it has gathered strength on technique, talents, economy, experience and management. Through close cooperation, it business have covered almost complete system of micro irrigation. From the beginning, it has been putting faith and quality as the most important, and would like to establish friendly cooperation with more and more overseas customers, basing on good quality, stable technique and competitive price.  



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