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About us
About us

We are Laiwu Winwinig Plastics Co., Ltd., a company, which is providing customers with drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation equipment. Our business enterprise belongs to Jinan City, Shandong Province of China, wherein several good irrigation organizations are participating in stirring business of micro irrigation market. We have grown our business herein this location for keeping ourselves focused as a manufacturer on supplying exact solutions to the industry customers on world around. We have been leveraging on unmatchable economy, techniques, management, knowledge, talent and skills in order to keep up our strong business identity in the competitive industry. The product portfolio of our organization has Inline Dripper Mould, Flat Drip Tape Line, Round Drip Pipe Extrusion Line, Rain Spray Pipe Line, all sorts micro irrigation products and many more. 


Owing to our excellent cooperation, we have managed to carve our incomparable position in the complete system of micro irrigation for providing most appropriate solutions to our valued customers. Our corporation truly relies onto faith and quality for building friendly allies with more and more foreign customers. We are prioritizing on good quality, competitive price and stable technique for serving our customers in the amazing manner. 


Customers Satisfaction


Fair business is key to customers support. And believing in so, our concern has been making certain to deal with more and more foreign clients in the fair manner possible. We have been acquiring unending faith of our international customers by providing value against money. Our business unit keeps tabs on market requirements in order to make customers solely avail desired quality. We are possessing up-to-date tools and machinery herein infrastructure that is assisting to attain excellent buyers satisfaction in and across business location. We provide unparalleled quality based products according to needs of the customers. We stay watchful of feedback. In this way, we keep ourselves informed about customers ongoing suggestions and needs. 



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